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Linda Williams was born in Sweden in 1976 and has lived and worked in Paris, France since 2004. She studied at Nyckelviksskolan private art school in Stockholm and has deepened her knowledge through art classes in Paris and Buenos Aires. Linda Williams’ work follows an intuitive process of uncovering. Each piece charts her responses to her lived and felt surroundings.


"Exploring the perception and experience of the natural surroundings, I’m fascinated by nature’s constant movement and its different stages of becoming and unbecoming. This fleetingness and perpetual change make each experience of nature unique - and heighten its inherent beauty."

Often inspired by her childhood landscapes in Sweden and the sensory and tactile experiences they imprinted in her, Williams' abstract landscapes range from snowy scenes in muted colours to explorations in warmer colour palette, reminiscent of Nordic summers. The paintings carry a sense of poetry and melancholy, but also a feeling of joy and awe of the beauty in nature.

Linda works from a combination of memory, sensory impressions, and photographical documentation of place. Building her paintings through multiple layers of mark-making with broad brushes and palette knives sweeping across the canvas, adding and subtracting materials along the way, she allows for surprises to occur. The process is intuitive and deeply organic as the media takes on its own life and movement – a method that speaks directly to the movement and constant change in nature. 

Each work becomes an impression, an experience that will be different each time as the surrounding nature changes and as the observer changes. "I like to think of my work as imprints in the world of fleeting moments in time", says Williams.

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Photos by Anouk Dautheville-Guibal

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